Framing your Message

We’ve discovered that when a marketing message is framed in ways that are compatible with the core dimensions of a recipient’s cognition, greater attention and persuasion effects result. Put another way, the degree to which a message’s frame “fits” with its recipient’s cognitive processing style influences the effectiveness of the message. When there is a fit between a recipient’s cognition and a message’s frame, the recipient engages with a message’s content more strongly and ‘‘feels right’’ about the influence of the message on their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

At the core is a set of cognitive processes that unconsciously shape the relationship in a recipient’s mind between a message’s frame (as distinct from a message’s content) and its persuasive power.

Our approach decodes the silent cognitive language of particular customers and audience members through a combination of proprietary qualitative and quantitative research methods and knowledge capital. Then, based on the insights derived, we manipulate how given messages are framed to maximize their receptivity and persuasion for that particular customer set or audience.

In sum, our system is designed to construct messages in accordance with the psychology of intended recipients; by adapting how a message is framed, its power and effectiveness are multiplied.

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