Our integrated focus considers the entirety of how the health care system works and involves the full breadth of stakeholders in research, from MCOs to IDNs to pharmacies, GPOs, wholesalers, and all the rest.

Novel Ideas

Our approach to access research is built on the surprisingly novel idea that “payers are people too” and incorporates behavioral economics lessons that are frequently neglected in access research. As a result, our research uniquely considers the personal, organizational, and environmental influencers of any access decision.

Attention to Detail

This leads us to pay attention to factors that others may miss, including among others:

  • Microeconomics of attention: access stakeholders make decisions in time and information limited environments
  • Planning fallacy: access stakeholders tend to assume they will be able to deploy more restrictive and elegant solutions than they are actually able to
  • Trends and chronology: The healthcare landscape is in a state of rapid flux. Research must capture not just a snapshot of how things look today, but where they have been, how they are trending, and where they are likely to be in the future.
  • Decision making by non-opposition: popular wisdom suggests that committees make decisions by consensus, but the truth is that committee decisions tend to be made according to organizational defaults – unless someone on the committee cares enough to object

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