To be truly effective, segmentations must:

  • Be as global as possible without dismissing market specific differences
  • Be as “true” as possible to the lives/experiences of customers while supporting the commercial aims of the business
    • Allow for new knowledge without dismissing existing knowledge and hypotheses
    • Support contemporary business needs while remaining durable over the long term

The application of deep a priori understanding of human mental processes and decision-making styles to the examination of business questions. Within segmentation specifically, we find Cognitive Ergonomics has two important considerations for us:

  1. The point of segmentation is identifying real situational and cognitive levers that marketers can pull to help shape customer behavior. We must build content to understand underlying drivers, not surface considerations.
  2. Winning segmentations are acts of co-creation. Internal constituents need to be engaged early and often to create ownership. We need segmentation processes that not only build buy-in, but also leverage the best thinking of our client teams.

BioVid’s segmentation process is constructed to deal with these two humanistic problems.

Our solutions are at once technical and intuitive, capitalizing on the best learnings from the cognitive and decision sciences, and our own hard-won experiences socializing and actioning our frameworks in real commercial situations. Years of experience have led us to a core approach that relies on three pillars of excellence.

We concentrate on finding out how your customers make choices in clinical practice. The science tells us this typically happens in three domains:

  1. Capturing their personality/thinking style – the consistent way they evaluate information and risk across settings.
  2. Understanding their functional needs as people trying to succeed in specific professional and human roles.
  3. Measuring the constraints exerted by working environments and peer communities.

The Art of Engaging Your Team

Our system of gathering and synthesizing inputs of all segmentation users builds trust and buy-in at every stage of the process.

We merge science and creative inputs to build rigorous hypotheses to build strong, testable hypotheses to ensure that the findings we return will be relatable to real investment, messaging and market development decisions.

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